Weather the Storm

by Man The Change

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released February 1, 2011

All songs written by man the change
songs recorded by indie audio productions (
engineered by John Pupa and Mario Troiano
mastered by bill henderson
artwork by john pupa

Vocals: Mario Troiano
Guitar: John Pupa and Mario Troiano
Bass: Stan Cajigas
Drums: Matt Ferraro
Guest Vocals (That's Stomare): Joe Caps

Man the change would like to thank all our friends and family
and everyone who has helped us with this record and along the




all rights reserved


Man The Change New York

We play fast, playing each song like it's our last. Let's be friends.

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Track Name: The Horseshit Zone
I found my way through night and day become one and
the same to me. Theres even nights i walk along this bay hoping to fall to the bottom of this sea. no one knows what its like do i fight this on my own or should i put my white flag up, broken in so many pieces again.
i cant take another night on my own.
i watched you go from insecurity,
completely destroying what you were to me. there’s even nights i drink
myself to sleep hoping to sink to the bottom of these drinks
Track Name: Bowser's Breakdown
this conversation is bound to go bad, when you’re 3
drinks in and you’re stumbling around the truth. and your lack of loyalty
is showing its ugly face and i can’t control myself. if you only knew the
things i’m capable to do. i blame myself for nothing more than letting
you get the best of me i find it hard to walk away when all the things
i have to say, they break me down. the guilt you’re stricken with after
you lay down. you never thought your dishonesty could drag us down
why don’t we go where no one is going to hear you scream, its time to show
you what i’m made of, i’m so sick of all the fucking shit you put me through
its time to show you what i’m made off
Track Name: Useless
i found what i need the most
is a reason to stand tall and show these stupid motherfuckers how i
could go from not filled with hope to feeling lost and really out of
control. there’s nothing left worth fighting for. you fail to see that what
we need is something we call honesty tonight. fail to see it, failt to be it!
is there any point to this, try best at convincing me nothing can change
without hope. why do we find that the most we can do is sit at home waiting
for change.. where do we go from here?
Track Name: Get Me the Clippers
i can’t see the
point of living, when there’s no will to survive. i know that we should live
our days like our last. she told the doctor to land the knockout blow,
white coats self important speech, we’ve hit the all time low. no one left
to blame, no king we can defer to, just fading memories and whispered
cliche virtues. i was wide awake with a wall of fear surrounding me, i can’t
breathe. I can’t breath and all these thoughts are swirling this time i know
im falling, i can’t save myself, there’s nothing left for me to save. I know
that we can wait forever for another chance, but it’s likely not to come,
so i sit back think about the nights we prayed, what a fucking waste.
Everybody wants to find one more reason why we can’t just walk away
Track Name: Put Stevie at Second
with really no hope in the world
no sense of fairness or justice. Greed, lust and power corrupting your loved
ones. what can we do? Can we fight back, or our we powerless? we only have
one option. our best choice to get through life together. a rallying cry. Let it go, weather the storm and save yourself.
Track Name: Nosebleeds
this is the sound of all
the lost lonely people of the world one bellow one call to take back
all the things that they stole. its time to take this back turn the tables
turn your cheek, change it all but don’t turn your back on me. this is the
end. turn the tables tell the truth change it all and we’ll give it back to
you. this is the place where the tired and hungry go, itching for a song or a
lyric that they know. why can’t you tell the truth, why can’t you say the
money changed you. its time to take this back!
Track Name: That's Stomare
we go nowhere without feeling like this is it.
a chance to make a memory last longer than you and me. there’s a chance we’ll find what we’re looking for, standing right next to you...

everybody wants a part in this tonight.

i’ve lost any sense of what it means
to be home, a feeling inside, another year on my own.
now your by my side through thick and thin
Thru thick and thin
Track Name: Rambo Vs Bas Rutten (1v1)
what’s there left to say so turn and walk away or stay to watch a ship to sail on a path destined to end. At the bottom of the sea is where youll find out that nothing he
can say makes you feel the way i did.

i was raised to never give in, to fight for what’s right but i find myself in the trenches of a battle that can’t be
won. an endless journey to find some peace and so i’m told...
walk away, just walk away from a life you used to lead, walk away, just walk away from something i believe.
she walked away and left me here to bleed.

Until I find the strength i hold inside, I walk the streets at night, searching for the answers to all the questions i never got to ask, an endless journey to find
some peace.

Is this my mind?
is that what you want to hear?
This is the world this is my biggest fear,
I laugh and scream the night away, die a little and
die inside tonight.

What’s there left to say?